One of the most pressing challenges facing business leaders is human resources management.

Organizations which stand out are the ones that are able to attract skilled people, to develop, train and motivate them, leading to a long-term commitment.



Our mission is to support managers in achieving their business objectives through optimized human resources management.

We offer a customized approach by analyzing each organization’s management challenges, implementing the best human resources management practices and developing managers’ abilities.

The result: managers who are trained in helping employees surpass themselves in order to not only achieve, but exceed objectives.


Recognizing people as well as groups’ strengths and limits. Taking into consideration human, social and cultural differences in one’s interventions.

Properly assessing the client’s needs, researching and analyzing potential solutions and suggesting methods adapted to the specific needs and types of businesses.

Being honest when providing services and making recommendations. Working in an ethical and transparent manner.

Being aware of the best business practices by being up to date on the evolving needs of businesses, the evolution in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and applicable laws.

Recognizing and informing clients of our limits. Refusing to provide a service in contradiction with our principles and good professional practices.

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Training and conferences

We develop training sessions and conferences tailored to your needs on human resources management.
These sessions and conferences are adapted to our clients’ needs, target audiences and the level of knowledge acquisition desired.

The duration of each session may vary from one hour to a full day depending on the needs.

These services are offered within the organisation or online.

Financial assistance may be provided by the Québec Government to cover the fees.

Examples of topics

Alcohol and drugs in the workplace

  • Prepare first level managers to handle situations involving an employee working under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Conflict prevention and management in the workplace

  • Develop tools to better understand and handle conflicts as well as to create a positive work atmosphere.

Handling a difficult employee.

  • Being prepared to handle a difficult employee in order to bring significant behaviour modification and learning about preventive measures to be able to implement them in the workplace.

Designing and facilitating training sessions

  • Develop abilities for employees and trainers to be able to design and facilitate training sessions.

Conflict management policy drafting

  • Write a conflict management policy adapted to the workplace.

Stress management in the workplace

  • Identify stress factors in the workplace and implement measures to improve employees’ well-being.

Diversity management

  • Manage differences in order to develop strong teams while respecting applicable laws.

Work-life balance strategies

  • Identify obstacles and find the right tools to implement strategies in order to improve work-life balance.


We help employees who have been promoted to a management position to understand their new responsibilities. We also accompany people who wish to develop their management skills to be more successful in their work environment.

These services are offered within the organization or online.

Financial assistance of up to 50% of professional fees may be offered by Emploi Québec.
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Examples of topics for managers

  • Development of communication and team coordination skills
  • Identification and development of management, leadership and conflict management skills
  • Implementation of management process in line with the best business practices

Diane Brunelle is a NOVA Certified Consultant

The NOVA PROFILE helps you get to know yourself and others better. This personal and professional development tool can help you have a better understanding of problematic situations in your organization.

Strategic human resources management

We identify the management challenges in your organization and then identify and implement management processes in order to develop the manager’s skills in human resources management.

These services are offered within the organisation or online.

We provide tailored solutions to:

  • Recruit and retain the best employees
  • Develop and maintain good and productive relationships between the employer and the employees

Services available

Strategic human resources management

  • Evaluation of human resources practices
  • Analysis of work environment 
  • Staff retention strategies
  • Stress management
  • Diversity management
  • Implementation of work-life balance strategies
  • Difficult employee management
  • Skills development plan
  • Skills transfer plan

Human resources management tools

  • Policy and procedure drafting
  • Employee manual
  • Induction and integration strategies
  • Performance appraisal forms

Recruitment and selection

  • Job description and job offer drafting
  • Review of resumes 
  • Support for interviews and/or interview coordination

Labor relations

  • Support for the implementation of disciplinary measures /dismissal

Organizational development

  • Organizational diagnostic
  • Strategic planning
  • Governance, organizational development and management

Financial assistance of up to 50% of professional fees may be offered by Emploi Québec.
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Diane Brunelle M.Ps., CRHA

Diane Brunelle puts at your service nearly thirty years of experience and expertise in human resources and organization management.

With her excellent organizational skills, her creative and pragmatic personality, she helps managers implement practical and adapted solutions to the reality of the organization while developing their skills in human resources management. Diane has considerable experience in management, group facilitation and teaching.

Diane began her career as a clinical psychologist and then continued her training and reoriented her career in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

During her career, she managed the human, financial and material resources of different organizations. She also has experience as Board member in different non-profit organizations.

One of the organizations she managed, the Côte-des-Neiges Job Search Centre, was the first non-profit organization on the Island of Montreal to receive the Remarkable Employer certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. This certification is awarded to businesses with the best practices in human resources management. She successfully managed multicultural and intergenerational teams, increased funding and maintained a positive work atmosphere in the different organizations were she acted as Director.


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology
  • Specialized Graduate Diploma in Social Administration (DESS)
  • Certificate in Industrial Relations 
  • Certificate in Prospective Management
  • Short Graduate Program in Higher Education Pedagogy